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The website uses cookies and similar technologies to guarantee the proper functioning of procedures and to improve the user experience of online applications.

This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, on how they are used by Poltronesofà S.p.A and how to manage them.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text strings (letters and/or numbers) which allow the web server to record on the client (browser) information to retrieve during the same visit on the website (session cookies) or later, also after days (permanent cookies). Cookies are recorded, based on user preferences, by the browser on the device used by the user (computer, tablet, smartphone). Similar technologies, as, for example, web beacon, transparent GIFs and any form of local storage introduced with HTML5, are usable to collect information on users’ behavior and on the use of services. Hereinafter we will refer to cookies and to all similar technologies simply using the word “cookie”.

Cookies are used for several purposes, they have several characteristics and they can be used both by the owner of the website that the user is visiting and by third parties.

Cookies can be divided into:

  • session or permanent cookies;
  • technical or profiling cookies;
  • first-party or third-party cookies.
1.2 Types of cookies
  • Session or permanent cookies. Cookies can expire at the end of the session of the browser (the period between the opening of a browser window and its closing) or they can be recorded for a longer period. Session cookies allow websites to link user’s actions during a browser session. Session cookies expire when you end a browser session. Permanent cookies are recorded on the user’s device between browser sessions, for a variable period of time, and they allow to record user preferences or actions relating to a specific website.
  • Technical cookies. These cookies are critical to the correct functioning of the website. Cookies duration is strictly limited to the working session (after you close the browser, cookies are delated). For the installation of these cookies, the consent of users is not required if they are used directly by the owner of the site.
  • Profiling cookies. Profiling cookies are intended to create profiles related to users. They are used in order to present advertisements in line with the preferences showed by the user during online browsing. Due to the intrusiveness of these cookies in the private life of users, the European norm provides that users must be properly informed on the use of cookies, by mean of short piece of information (banner) and a longer one on the website. Moreover, the user must give his/her consent the first time he/she visits the website. This consent can be expressed in a general manner, interacting with the banner of the short information showed on the website homepage, with the modalities indicated by this banner, or it can be given or refused in a selective manner. This consent is tracked for the following visits. Nevertheless, the users can always withdraw the expressed consent, fully or in part.
First-party and third-party cookies

Cookies are divided into “first-party cookies” or “third-party cookies”, based on the website or domain they come from.

First-party cookies are essentially cookies set and managed by the website owner. For this type of cookies, the owner has the obligation to inform users, to collect the consent and/or to block cookies, if needed.

Third-party cookies are set by a domain which is different from the one visited by the user. For these cookies, the third party has the obligation to inform and indicate the modalities for the consent and/or the block. In this case, the website owner has only the obligation to insert, in the website, the link to the third party where these elements are available. The management of the information collected by “third parties” is regulated by the relative information we invite you to take into consideration.

Their use into users’ terminals is forbidden if users have not been properly informed and if they have not given a valid consent according to the opt-in technique

This type of cookies can in turn be grouped based on the function they perform:

Analitycs: cookies used to collect and analyze statistical information on website accesses or visits. In some cases, if they are associated with other information as credentials for the access in the customer area (personal email address and password), they can be used to profile the user (personal habits, visited websites, downloaded contents, types of interactions, etc.)

Widgets: all those graphical components of a user interface aimed at making the user interaction with the program easier. For example, facebook, google+, twitter cookies are widgets.

Advertsing: cookies used for advertising purposes into a website. Google, Tradedoubler belong to this category.

Web beacons: code strings which allow a website to transfer or collect information through the request of a graphic image. Websites can use them for several purposes, like the analysis of website use, control and report activities on advertisement and on the customization of advertisement and contents.

Use of cookies on the website Poltronesofà S.p.A.

Hereinafter, the owner of the website, Poltronesofà S.p.a, with registered office in Via Lunga n.16, 40053, Valsamoggia, locality Crespellano (BO), Italy, and administrative office in Via Raffaele Bendandi, 14 – 47122 Villanova di Forlì – FORLÌ (FC), (hereinafter, only “Owner”), provides to the user all the information about the cookies installed on the website (Hereinafter, only “Website”) and the instructions necessary to manage your preferences about them.

First-party cookies

The cookies used by the owner on the website are above all technical and they can be divided into the following subcategories:

  • navigation cookies, used to record browsing preferences in order to improve user’s browsing experience
  • functionality cookies, used to activate specific functionalities of the website, necessary to provide or improve the service

These cookies do not need the consent of the user to be installed and used, since it is sufficient to show this information.

Third-party cookies

The owner of the website uses also technical third party cookies, specifically Google Analytics, VersaTag and Facebook Pixel, in order to analyze the use of the website and to improve it.

For further information on the aforementioned cookies, we suggest you to consult Google privacy policy (you can find it in the link below), in which you can find further information on the processing.

Google Analytics
Analytics cookies help understand how the website is used by users. With these cookies, no information about the identity of users is collected. The information is processed in an aggregated and anonymous manner.
Name of cookie
Link to the information
Third-party tracking cookie used to analyze visits
Third-party tracking cookie used to distinguish users
Tracking cookie used to analyze the users’ time of visit
Third-party tracking cookie used to verify the origin of the user
Third-party tracking cookie used to distinguish users

We specify that the information collected by the aforementioned cookies are made anonymous before they are sent to the third party.

You can disable the function “Google Analytics” in a selective manner, installing on your browser the opt-out add-on provided by Google.

To disable the Google Analytics function, please visit the following link: Link

Google Campaign Manager
Tracking cookies that allow to analyse responses and uses of the online advertising campaigns by users party. Through these cookies any information and any personal data about the user identity is collected. The information is processed in an aggregated and anonymised form.

Name of cookie
Link to the information
Third-party tracking cookie used for collecting data of advertising campaigns for statistical purpose
Tag management system that allows updating tracking codes and related code fragments

To disable VersaTag, please visit the following link : Link

Facebook Pixel
Profiling cookies allow linking the visitors of the website to their Facebook account for advertising campaigns on this network. Through those cookies any information about the users identity and personal data are collected. The information is processed in an aggregated and anonymised form. The owner of the site never gets in touch with any of the users personal data.

Name of cookie
Link to the information
Facebook Pixel
Third-party profiling cookie used to collect information on the use of the website for social campaign purpose.

To disable Facebook Pixel, please visit the following link: Link

We specify that the information collected by the aforementioned cookies are made anonymous before they are sent to the third party, unless authorized by the user.

Control of cookies
In addition to what indicated in the previous paragraph, about the possibility to disable cookies by accessing the link where you can find the relative third party privacy policy, the user can manage his/her preferences relating to cookies directly in his/her own browser. For example, the user can prevent the installation of cookies by third parties. Moreover, modifying the browser’s preferences, it is possible to delate cookies installed in the past. Please note that disabling all cookies, the functioning of the website could be compromised. You can find information on how to manage and/or block cookies on your browser in the following addresses:

Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:
Apple Safari:
Microsoft Windows Explorer:

Update of this cookie policy
This cookie policy enters into force March 19, 2019. Any other update will always be published on this page.